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Wolfskin Armor is an armor set crafted from Wolfskin and Flax Fibers. It possesses the lowest base damage reduction of any armor set in the game.

Set Statistics

Name Ingredients Damage Reduction (%) Work Station
Wolfskin Helmet.png Wolfskin Helmet Wolfskin.png Wolfskin (5) 3% Fletching Table.png Fletching Table
Flax Fibers.png Flax Fibers (5)
Wolfskin Chestplate.png Wolfskin Chestplate Wolfskin.png Wolfskin (20) 8%
Flax Fibers.png Flax Fibers (20)
Wolfskin Pants.png Wolfskin Pants Wolfskin.png Wolfskin (15) 6%
Flax Fibers.png Flax Fibers (15)
Wolfskin Boots.png Wolfskin Boots Wolfskin.png Wolfskin (5) 2%
Flax Fibers.png Flax Fibers (5)
Full Set Wolfskin.png Wolfskin (45) 19%
Flax Fibers.png Flax Fibers (45)


  • Wolfskin armor is the first armor that was added into the game via content update.
  • It is also the only armor that requires more than one crafting material to make it, Flax Fibers being the second material.
  • It is also the only armor set that uses the Fletching Table instead of the Anvil to craft.
  • Although the set bonus states a 50% speed bonus, this is not always true, by the way that speed is calculated. For example, a player with 0 speed who equips the Wolfskin armor will have 50 speed, not 0.


  • Although the Wolfskin armor is weak (18 total defense), because of the speed bonus, it is a great ranger armor.